Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Craft Lamps Lighting Choices

When you're working on a filet crochet or other craft project, the right kind of lighting can make such a difference in avoiding eye strain and keeping the crafting process an enjoyable one. When crocheting, this is especially important when you are using crochet threadas your material of choice but is helpful when you are working with yarn as well.

Following are a few examples of some craft lamp lighting choices that could be an important addition to your craft supplies. Some even include a magnifier, which could be helpful for fine detail work and could make all the difference for someone who is experiencing some eyesight loss.

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Here are a few more that could be just right to fit your decor (or your budget).

If you need to see a few more choices, just click on one of the lamp pictures and then explore more craft and hobby lamp choices at Amazon, with your own keyword searches, to find just the right one for your own craft or budget needs.